Driving School Dave


Dave Has successfully built over 15 independent driving schools, trained 100’s to become an instructor and helped 1000s of other driving instructors and schools.Dave holds one of the only Master’s degrees in Driver Training Education, is a Fellow of the Institute of Driver Education and Research and many other professional organisations.  His straight forward approaches can be seen on numerous forums and guides

Image of Driving School DaveThis website is about Dave Foster MA, Dip.DI, who has spent the last 17 years perfecting, and building driving schools. In his pursuit of ‘excellence in all matters involving driver training’ he has completed almost every qualification relevant. He can be pedantic over the correct teaching and training practices and is dismayed at the often lack of professionalism within the profession. Every day on social media he see’s trainers who don’t even know the information within the Highway Code let alone other teaching and training practices.

Dave sets about to set things simply yet with correct knowledges, skills and attitudes so he and the trainers he uses cascade this philosophy down to even the learner drivers of his Driving Schools and the associate schools he looks after.

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